Google My Business Management for Audiology Practices

Stay ahead of your competitors and improve your practice's rankings on Google through consistent Google My Business (GMB) optimization.

What's Included in our Google My Business Service

If there is one platform that Audiologists should pay attention to, it's this...

👉 Local searches for healthcare providers are exploding and your Google Maps ranking should be priority #1.

Ever google for an Audiologist in your city or town? The first listings are Google Ads. About 95% of searches skip past those. The next set of listings for most local searches are Google Map listings.

Now if you Google this from your practice, you might be #1 because Google prioritizes proximity in searches. But what about if you Google from 3, 6 or even 10 miles away? This is where Google Maps optimization can make the difference.

Did you know that your Google My Business profile and activity is the #1 driver for your practice's Google Map visibility?

👉 Unfortunately, many agencies are ignoring Google Maps and Google My Business.

When my wife and I started a marketing agency in 2013, we built the agency (and the packages) for what was working in 2013. Google has changed a lot in the last 7 years, but many SEO packages being offered today haven't. Many of them are still using the bulk of the resources and money on creating a bunch of short, generic blog posts.

Ask yourself this. When is the last time one of your blog posts brought you activity like this?
By the way, those numbers are for one month.

👉 Not only is it effective - it's easier and cheaper than traditional SEO packages.

Google My Business platform is fairly straight forward and practices of any size can compete. We work with practices of all sizes to help improve their Google Maps visibility.

The most important thing is that someone is working on it regularly and they understand the most important things to work on.

Audiology GMB service includes:

1) Regular Google Posts and Offers to keep visitors engaged with your listing and more likely to convert.

2) A Google review builder to help your practice get more reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Healthy Hearing, Hearing Tracker and others.

3) Monthly reports with a video explanation from Chris. Get the latest on your progress and activity.

4) A special text-based uploader that makes it easy to upload photos from your clinic without logging in or any

5) Access to Chris and Stephanie to ask questions when you need help.

The cost of this service is $345 per month and that includes a review builder. There are other price points if you have additional locations or do not need the review builder software.

***One important note. These services are only available to practices with an Audiologist. We have customized the training to Audiology practices, which require different settings vs hearing aid stores.

If we can be of service, please reach out and contact me via LinkedIn.

Chris Erickson

Ready to improve your Google Maps listing?
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GMB Optimization
GMB Posts and Offers
Directory Citation Sync
Reports (with video explanation)
Text-based photo uploader
Brought to you by the Ericksons. This service is strictly for practices with an Audiologist. There must be at least one Audiologist at each practice.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. This service is month-to-month and can be cancelled at any time. Of course, once the worry about your Google listing is taken off your hands, we don't think you'll want to - but it's entirely up to you!

Do I have to be an Audiologist?

This service is focused on Google My Business support and training specifically for Audiologists. There are different techniques and strategies required for Hearing Aid Dispensing locations. There must be an Audiologist working at the practice to sign up.

What if I already have a review builder I like?

If you are already using a review builder that you'd like to keep, you do not have to switch to ours. We have pricing packages that do not include the review builder software. Inquire for details.

Do I have to have a certain type of website?

No, you do not need to have any particular type of website. This service works regardless of which agency built your website or which platform it might be on. If you have further questions about this, set up a phone call to discuss.

Is there a discount for additional locations?

If you have multiple locations that you would like us to work with, please contact us for special pricing.